For Parents

DressUpDollGames is fully aware of the attraction the website offers to children of sensitive ages. Part of this knowledge is the dangers of the internet and making sure that the website is as safe as possible for the children who will gain access to the site.

To the parents;

DressUpDollGames aims to make every child’s visit to the website a fun experience, thus, we take the utmost important steps to ensure the safety of the website.

Every game is checked and hand-picked before being published on the website to make sure that each game is suitable for young children and that there are no factors like nudity or profanity and anything else that may affect young children in a negative way. Advertisements promoting gambling, drugs, profanity, sex and any other negative or inappropriate factors are filtered in the best possible way.

As an addition to the safety of the children, the website does not require the collection of personal information from the visitors. There is no registration required in playing the games nor will any kind of fees be collected.

Rest assure that our main aim is to provide enjoyment with as much safe measures as possible on our part.